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5avemilemediaI am a staff and freelance writer, editor, multimedia producer, social media expertmentor, and more. I write stories and create other content for news outlets, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, civic groups, and organizations. I’m known as “@arunwithaview” on several digital platforms. Check out my latest blog post and testimonials about my work below. How can I can help you achieve your storytelling and content goals? Read more about me and my services to find out.

I taught continuing education writing classes at Queens College for a few years and trained and mentored several young journalists.

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Writing and Editing

  • News and feature articles
  • Blog and social media posts
  • Website copy
  • Content marketing
  • Video and audio (radio/podcast) scripts
  • Case studies
  • Ebooks
  • Interviews, profiles, business biographies (e.g. of creatives, entrepreneurs, newsmakers)
  • Personal and reported essays

Areas of Interest

  • Health, fitness, nutrition
  • Food and beverage
  • Travel and tourism
  • Personal finance (saving/investing for singles and child-free couples)
  • Entrepreneurship/small business
  • Business services
  • Nature and outdoors
  • Distance running
  • Government and law
  • Boating safety and maritime security



I have a master of science from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism and a bachelor of arts from Columbia University Columbia College.


Google/IAB Europe The Digital Garage (Online Marketing Fundamentals), FEMA Emergency Support Function 15: External Affairs, NOLS Wilderness First Aid.


I have completed courses in content marketing, digital marketing, podcasting, blogging, digital journalism, SEO, interviewing, travel writing, memoir writing, and more.

Some More Tidbits

My first full-time job out of college paid $16,000 a year. I didn’t have a computer at my desk and had no access to the internet. My phone could not make long-distance calls. Managers who had their own offices were allowed to smoke at their desks. Yuck. At least my health insurance was free. I once sliced off the tip of my finger with an EXACTO blade.

During the dot-com bubble, an editor for a startup website for professional chefs assigned me two articles about Moroccan cuisine. I turned to Butler Library at Columbia University and the Moroccan Embassy in Washington for help with my research. I wrote the stories and submitted them on deadline. A few weeks later, the startup ran out of funding and went belly-up before ever launching. But the editor was a standup person and paid me a 50-percent kill fee even though that wasn’t in my contract. The check did not bounce. By the way, this was my very first freelance assignment. Welcome to the profession!

In March 2003, just days after the U.S. began dropping bombs on Baghdad, an FBI agent came knocking on my door in Brooklyn. I wasn’t home, so he gave his card to my wide-eyed Midwestern neighbor and asked her to have me call him. I did. I remember the FBI agent’s name and still have his card.

zen-of-zim-acknowledgmentsI copyedited the manuscript for Don Zimmer and Bill Madden’s The Zen of Zim: Baseball, Beanballs and Bosses (St. Martin’s Press). The manuscript needed a lot of work, so it was a massive challenge. But as a Yankee fan, I enjoyed Zim’s stories (even though he trashed the team and the Steinbrenner family). I was really proud to make the book better. In fact, the authors acknowledged me by name in the book. Memoirs don’t often give shout-outs to copyeditors.

In 2005, I switched wireless phone companies and wanted to port my 917 number. But the salesman for the new wireless carrier made me an offer I couldn’t refuse: ditch my old digits and he’d give me a 212 number. You’ll have to pry that 212 from my cold, dead hands.

819185_1832_0025.jpgI grew up in New York City and now live here with my wife. But I was born overseas and lived in Italy as a teenager. I have lived in three of the five boroughs. I love things about each borough, but I am simply in love with Queens.

I’ve run three marathons, 21 half-marathons, and dozens of other races. No, I haven’t won any of them. I write about running and runners, too. I’m a member of Hellgate Road Runners and New York Road Runners, the founder of Queens County Trail Runners and New York on Foot, an RRCA-certified distance running coach, a licensed New York City sightseeing guide, and NOLS Wilderness First Aid-certified.


I have worked for several major media companies, including Viacom, Pearson Education, Thomson Financial, Ziff-Davis Media, News Corporation, 21st Century Fox, and Fox Corporation. Granted, that diversity is due in large part to corporate mergers and splits, but that is neither here nor there.

My staff jobs have been at WNYW/Fox 5 News, The Bond Buyer, Macmillan General Reference, and Plenum Press.

I have freelanced for Reviewed.com, Columbia Journalism Review, PC Magazine, India Abroad, Rediff.com, St. Martin’s Press, IDG Books, Cambridge University Press, New York Trend, Columbia Community Affairs, and more.

I have also produced and edited press releases, newsletters, and social media content for organizations and clubs, including the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and Hellgate Road Runners.

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