Welcome to my corner of the web. I am a staff and freelance writer, editor, multimedia producer, social media expert, and more. I create content for news outlets, entrepreneurs, professionals, businesses, and organizations. Learn more about me and my freelance services to see if I can help you with your content needs and goals. Below you will find my latest blog post and some testimonials about my work. Thanks!

“Arun is one of the most observant, conscientious, and ethics-driven journalists I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. If you want any news topic—from politics to crime to human interest—covered carefully, thoroughly, and without bias, he’s your guy. What’s more, he’s extremely passionate and compassionate, throwing his all and then some into any project he sets his mind to. From completing multiple marathons to providing well-considered career advice to his journalist peers, Arun epitomizes both the coach and teammate you’d be lucky to have on your side.”

—AMY ROBERTS, staff writer, Wirecutter, and teammate, Hellgate Road Runners

“Passionate and compassionate”

“Arun is an excellent writer with a wide knowledge base. He is also a fair and ethical journalist and I would recommend him to cover most any topic.”

—CHRISTINE RODRIGUEZ, Law Office of Christine Alexandria Rodriguez

“Fair and ethical”