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“Arun is one of the few true journalists left in the industry. Arun is a highly skilled writer and web producer but what makes him stand out from the rest is his attention to detail, accuracy and facts. Over the years I have worked with Arun and it has been a privilege and honor. I turn to him for journalistic advice because I value his knowledge base and professionalism. When it comes to news in social media, Arun focuses on 100 percent accuracy of the story. He honors and respects his craft and strives to be the best at it. Bottom line Arun is a great journalist in every sense of the wordprofessional, driven, determined and a master of his craft. And I have great respect for him and his work ethic.”

—MICHAEL O’TOOLE, multimedia promotions manager, Fox 5

“Respects his craft”

“Arun Das is one of the most thoughtful people I work with at Fox 5, both as a human and in his job. Whether it’s making sure we’re using just the right word or asking follow-up questions about a story that’s sparked his interest, Arun is someone who cares about getting every last detail right and learning as much as he possibly can from every story and situation. His curiosity and his caring are above and beyond. He’s someone you can always count on, not only to do great work, but also to start a conversation that gets your mind and creative juices flowing. He’s someone I always look forward to seeing, talking with and working with!”

ALISON MORRIS, former business reporter, Fox 5 News

“Above and beyond”